Working off the clock can reduce work related stress

In past blog posts we have discussed how the telecommunication technology has enabled employees to have flexibility in their working hours. A recent trend has been checking in with the office during vacation to reduce anxieties about missing work. As traditional working habits are evolving it is important for human resources departments to keep company polices updated.This process can be less time consuming with HR software solutions.

According to Ty Kiisel’s blog post on Forbes, employees find that in addition to working during vacations, checking in with clients after hours and during the weekend can be beneficial to their lifestyle.

Borrowing the term “Work-Life Integration” from Aaron McDaniel, author of the book “The Young Professional’s Guide to Managing,” Kiisel discusses how doing business off the clock can ease office place stress. He also argues that employers who allow and encourage working from home can boost productivity in their company.

There are some who insist that managing employees is easier when everyone is in the office so that supervisors can keep everyone on task.  However Kiisel insists that this “Work-Life Integration” is the new frontier of the corporate world and it produces quality work from engaged employees.

“Creating an environment where employees are engaged is critical to success, but it also creates employees who are always ‘on,'”Kiisel stated.

As technology advances, day-to-day tasks become simpler, which opens up room to modify the way business is conducted and optimizes productivity. Telecommuting has become a more mainstream trend that is reshaping office dynamics. There is no need to let the complexities of HR project management get in the way of your company’s progression, when you can employ the assistance of an HR consulting service.

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