Why successful hires must be right for the long-term

While many businesses have short-term goals, or tasks that need to be accomplished weekly, companies must also plan ahead for their futures. That is why the hiring process is so crucial. Candidates must be a good fit so that they can immediately contribute, yet also remain successful further down the road.

When HR teams have access to comprehensive and in-depth human resources software solutions, they will be able to make stronger hiring decisions. For example, being able to cut down on superfluous paperwork will not only keep hiring managers organized, it will give them more time to devote to current and former workers.

HR teams can create more accurate job postings when they understand how departments are functioning and which ones need assistance. Additionally, they will be able to choose questions that will pinpoint the applicants with the required hard and soft skills.

Senda Athletics CEO Santiago Halty told the news source that during interviews he likes to ask candidates questions about their career development. Essentially, Halty wants personal and authentic answers that give him an idea of how the applicant sees a position impacting his or her life.

“Once I feel I have a good candidate in front of me, this question lets me think about projects he or she might enjoy,” he said. “If people are happy at work and love what they do, they are more productive, they will stay longer, and they will help recruit other passionate people they know.”

HR software is a necessary investment for businesses that want employees who enjoy their work and want to contribute daily. From there, companies can have short- and long-term success.

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