Why personality alone is not enough of a prerequisite

Many businesses want employees who are personable and can relate to not only their coworkers, but also clients. Even so, it can be difficult to find candidates who are able to accomplish that task yet still be technically adept for the job.

How can companies fine-tune their hiring process and ensure that prospective hires can handle the daily tasks at work, while still contribute to a thriving office culture?

Sheila Birnbach, a recruitment consultant, spoke at the recent ASAE Finance, HR & Business Operations Conference, and said that employers should not hire a candidate based on personality alone, even if it is a “good fit.”

“We want to find out if they can fit into the culture of our organization,” Birnbach said. “In other words, are they going to do what we want them to do in the way we want them to do it, how we want them to do that?”

A survey from the American Sociological Association found that HR managers sometimes will hire applicants based on the soft skills seen in the interview. However, candidates are chosen if the interviewer can see him or herself being friends with the prospective hire.

According to the study’s author, Lauren Rivera, it’s obvious that companies want employees who are a good cultural fit. However, the most skilled candidates are not always hired because HR managers might hire someone who they feel that they can form a strong bond with.

Having a strong HR software solution can help companies across numerous industries develop a comprehensive hiring process. HRIS software can keep businesses organized, and help human resource teams see which departments need assistance. Additionally, when HR managers know what to look for, it will be much easier to hire for skill, along with personality.

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