Why job stability matters to employees

As the economy has continued to recover and pick up steam, employees are finding themselves with more leverage as job opportunities become available again. During the recession some people may have been content just to have a job, but now that they have more choice, it’s up to companies to create a work environment that makes talented workers want to stick around.

HR is responsible not only for recruiting top talent, but retaining it. Hiring is an investment, and keeping skilled workers on board is a priority. What are some things HR can do to keep employee satisfaction up?

One factor that employees are searching for when they switch jobs is stability. When companies downsize, workers have to find a new place to work, making stability hard to find. Being able to offer stability may be an effective way of attracting top talent for your organization and giving them a compelling reason to stay.

According to a Forbes article, stability is one of the most important drivers behind employees looking for new jobs, above benefits, compensation and other significant factors. In addition to stability, work-life balance is another attribute that employees seek out when searching for a new job. It is noted that workers, especially those of the Millennial generation, value being able to have flexible time built into their work days.

The desire for flexibility does not mean that employees want to work less, they just want to be able to have the opportunity to complete work at different times.

HR departments need to keep track of the details that go along with hiring and retention. HR software solutions can help determine an effective system for your company.

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