Why it is important to have detailed company handbooks

Employee handbooks are important tools for companies and their employees. Outlining rules and procedures can ensure that your employers are aware of what is expected from them. Handbooks also give information of what can be expected from the employer. Additionally, if there is ever a conflict at work, handbooks can protect the company from potential liabilities.

Legally, there are few requirements that are mandatory to be included in a company handbook. However, this doesn’t mean that your human resources department should cut corners when devising policies. An HR consulting company can help manage this process to save time when contemplating what types of rules are relevant for your company. Additionally, they can also provide guidance on HR system implementation.

Some universal policies that can be helpful for any kind of business include:

  • Benefits packages that are available to employees including health care, vacation and retirement options. Health care and retirement plans tend to change frequently depending on political and economic current events, which can effect laws for the private sector.
  • Rules about taking time off for sickness, vacation, pregnancy or family emergencies can prepare employees for unforeseen circumstances that would require them to miss work. Disclosing how missed work will be compensated and what qualifies as paid time off will also prevent misunderstandings from workers.
  • Telecommunication policies are becoming increasingly popular and employees need to be informed of the proper procedures. BYOD can fall under this category as well, and it is important for companies to outline appropriate uses for personal cell phones in  business interactions.

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