Why is having an open employee feedback loop so valuable?

Having an open line of communication between employees and leadership has been a relatively recent development in the American workforce. Losing touch with members of a workplace can lead to a disconnect that opens up the possibility of unexpected turnover. As Bruce Kasanoff of Forbes puts it, “This raise[s] questions of whether other employees were unhappy, or whether the leaders had only the vaguest sense of how their workforce perceived the company.”

Not having a feel for how employees view the company and their standing within it isn’t conducive to a productive work environment. Kasanoff emphasizes the need for companies to do something more than just releasing a company-wide, three-question survey and then releasing the results six months later, with no plan to do anything about said findings.

The basic message to take away: remember that your employees are people. If you use “employee feedback to create a spectacular place to work, you’ll enjoy frank and useful guidance from your team. It really is that simple.”

It might be, but creating an open avenue of discussion from employees to leadership, much of the burden of which falls onto the shoulders of the HR department, takes time. That time is difficult to find with all the other logistical duties tasked to HR employees.

That’s where having an efficient HR system comes in. Such a system, if installed and customized to your company’s needs well, can free up that time. HR Software Solutions’ expertise and experience in the HR consulting business can be an invaluable tool for any company looking to make their HR processes leaner and less wasteful.

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