Why HR should not ignore negativity

When it comes to success in the workplace, attitude matters. While it is always ideal to maintain a positive outlook, not everyone does, including employees. A negative attitude can have a negative impact in the office.

Even if just one employee is showing consistent signs of negativity, HR should take notice. As noted in an article from the Small Business Chronicle, poor attitudes should be addressed in a timely fashion because they otherwise have the potential to spread. A spread of negativity could have an effect on employee morale, and in turn, performance.

What are some of the signs of a bad attitude? Is the employee complaining on a regular basis? Does he or she talk behind his or her coworker’s backs or undermine the authority of his or her supervisor? According to HR Morning, these could be signs of a negative attitude.

To combat the effects of negativity, HR can work to assess the effect of employees’ attitudes on their coworkers, and decide whether it is necessary to take any action. Taking a results-oriented approach to address any issues, and being specific about the outcome can help negative employees shift their focus to a more positive direction.

It is important for managers to give employees the room to voice their concerns about the issues that have been bothering them. If there is an underlying reason for the employee’s negativity, it’s possible that it could be related to the way the organization operates. If this is the case, HR can take steps to identify and solve issues.

Paying attention to employee attitudes can help HR cue into key issues and create a working environment that is beneficial to all. HR software can help track and organize the relevant details.

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