Why hospitals should implement HR software solutions

The health care industry is going through major changes in the United States, which means it will be increasingly important for providers to find employees who specialize in new areas. For example UnityPoint’s medical network in Iowa is shifting from hiring medical specialists to care coordinators and nurse practitioners, according to U.S. News and World Report.

“The jobs in the future will be different from the jobs in the past,” UnityPoint hospital executive William Leaver told the source.

Human resources departments know that it can be difficult to find qualified workers, but they can expedite the hiring process with HR software solutions. These programs can sift through resumes under specific filters, helping hiring managers only read applications that pertains to specific job openings.

Some positions that are in demand at this time are primary care providers and physician assistants. Part of the reason has to do with the industry’s aging work population, but also a transition toward more health care technologies.

“Staffing has become more challenging and will continue to be challenging,” Allegiance Health recruiter Mike Houttekier added.

Before health care reform programs like the Affordable Care Act and electronic health records mandate, many of these facilities already experienced shortages within many departments. Now that uninsured Americans will be able to register for health insurance exchange programs, many of these workers are anticipating packed waiting rooms.

Before many of these changes roll out in 2014, recruiters need to utilize HR software solutions to fill the gaps for this competitive market.

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