Why Having a Pet-Friendly Office Could Give Your Business a Boost

Everyone wants to bring their pets to work, right? Saving on dog-walker costs and the emotional trauma of begin left alone for eight hours a day is a wonderful solution for both pets and their owners. Now, there are numbers to back up that sentiment.

Banfield Pet Hospital surveyed 1,006 employees and 200 Human Resources decision makers from U.S. companies to measure their perception of pets in the office. The survey found that just 22% of employees and 25% of HRDMs, those at or above the director/vice president level responsible for making HR policy and company benefit decisions, work in pet-friendly environments but those that do think it greatly improves the workplace.

Most of those surveyed in pet-friendly workplaces perceive their company’s policy as positive in every aspect addressed by the study. 67% of employees and 81% of HRDMs agreed that it led to increased productivity; 82% and 91% believe it makes people more loyal to the company; and 86% and 92% say it decreases employees’ stress levels. When employees are allowed to bring their pets into the office it takes a mental burden off of them since they no longer have to worry about leaving pets at home alone, and it increases their ability to work longer hours.

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