Why go paperless? The benefits of electronic HRIS

Last week, this blog looked at several issues related to finding and implementing an electronic HR system. It is still worth considering, however, some of the core benefits of a paperless Human Resource Information System, or HRIS, that could impact performance and productivity within a company deploying it.

Although some of these points have been touched upon already, it’s advisable to think of all of them at once and get a greater picture of the net gains that electronic HR systems bring to regular human resource operations, no matter the company:

  • Backing up important contracts: Electronic images of important documents can be stored as backups for the real thing, and accessed later for confirmation.
  • Improving employee signatures: In an article for the Society for Human Resource Management, Donald Dowling said that electronic signatures are a potentially useful form of enforcing employee assents, although only if they are utilized correctly and do not cause a privacy risk for the company.
  • Reducing unnecessary waste: One of the most obvious benefits to a strong HRIS is the reduction in unnecessary department documentation.  Not only is there less paperwork to be processed and reviewed, the entire system will be easier for users to access.
  • Staying compliant with federal laws: A major issue for HR departments is following protocol correctly. The right system will make this easy and be updated to the proper specifications.

All of these and more benefits not only depend on proper implementation but on correct use and maintenance as well. Working with an HR consulting business will help lower the amount of effort it takes to accomplish major and minor HR tasks. It will also make it easy to enforce these uses in different offices across the world, should your business need to.

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