Why disliking your employees is not necessarily a bad thing

It is perhaps unrealistic to believe that you will never have a disagreement with a co-worker, even if that team member is an employee of yours. Personalities will clash, but that does not mean that your working environment has to suffer. When employees at all levels understand organizational goals, and what they must do to help the business succeed, then it will be easier to look past petty differences.

HR managers will be able to hire the right candidates to fill open slots when they understand which departments need assistance. HR software is an important tool for this process, and will help human resource teams stay organized and bring on talented candidates. Personality should also be considered during interviews, but many experts believe that it is not a deciding factor. Clashing personalities could even be beneficial for a company.

Robert Sutton, a professor of management science and engineering at Stanford University, explained to Harvard Business Review that not being fond of some co-workers is not necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, liking the employees you manage could be more problematic because those could be the people who flatter you and act nice all the time.

“You need people who have different points of view and aren’t afraid to argue,” Sutton said. “They are the kind of people who stop the organization from doing stupid things.”

Additionally, Sutton suggested that spending more time together could be productive. While some employees might not be fond of the idea at first, working together on projects could help create a sense of affinity. Over time, he added that “if you work together closely you may come to appreciate them.”

By implementing HR systems, a company is taking an important step toward creating a well-rounded and productive office environment.

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