Why American automakers should look into HR software solutions

We have discussed how the American economy is slowly working to increase employment across many industries, but hiring sprees are slower than expected.

Businesses within the automobile market were especially affected by the recession and are trying to get Americans back to work in many areas including sales, marketing, engineers and information technology, Automotive News reported.

One of these manufacturer’s biggest hiring strategies is recruiting interns and recent college graduates to consider a career in the auto sector. Despite the problems the industry faced more than five years ago, many departments are ready to increase their workforces and hire mid to senior level staff members.

“Field organizations have turned over, and fresh blood is needed,” executive hiring manager Steve Parkford told the news source. “There’s a big effort to find the next generation of automotive executives.”

American auto companies have had some aspects of the business (like technology service) outsourced overseas, but General Motors hopes to put an end to that by bringing back about 90 percent of the department to the U.S. Over time, software engineers would number over 10,000 employees.

Now, the challenge at hand is trying to convince more people to apply for positions at GM, Chrysler, Ford Motors and their affiliates. When the rise of Japanese automakers challenged these companies more than 10 years ago, workers paid a significant price. Chrysler hopes that job seekers will realize that they’re serious about hiring, featuring more than 600 jobs on its careers website.

HR software solutions can help human resources departments increase their applicant pools, while identifying prospective hires who may not know they could have a future in the automobile industry.

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