When employees don’t get along, it might be time to intervene

It’s inevitable that at some point there will be friction between employees. Some personalities just don’t get along and it can result in tension and an unpleasant working environment for everyone. However, intervening can help to rectify these situations.

Workplace productivity is a priority of HR departments, and finding solutions that make it possible for staff members to work together despite their differences can help reduce the problems that arise when employees don’t get along.

According to an article in Forbes, 50 percent of employees said they accomplish less when they are angry. The unpleasant feelings that arise due to conflicts can also lead employees to want to quit, which can create issues for HR.

It’s a good idea take steps to resolve conflicts before they get any worse. First, see if the workers are able to resolve the issue on their own. If this isn’t possible, management might have to intervene. It’s important to note that becoming too involved may carry its own problems as the manager could get dragged into the conflict and end up making it worse.

Conflicts may bring up strong emotions, ranging from anger to fear. It is up to managers to address issues in a way that is mindful of the respective employees’ emotions, and help determine the best way to resolve the problem without taking sides.

The longer a conflict is drawn out, the more likely it becomes that other members of the organization could get drawn into it. Even if employees find each other to not be agreeable, it’s no excuse for them to not be able to work together. Taking steps to resolve conflict can help improve productivity and the company as a whole. HR software solutions can help manage employee details for a more productive workplace.

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