What type of office is right for my company?

When HR managers are conducting interviews of potential hires, they are trying to find individuals who are technically suited to the job but will also be able to fit into the established office culture. While this mainly refers to whether a new personality will mesh or clash with current workers, some businesses are in fact changing their entire company set up.

Having an “open office,” one that does not have cubicles or private offices is growing in popularity. It might cut down on costs, but there are still those who are opposed to it.

According to a study by the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health, open office setups reported 62 percent more sick days on average than one-occupant layouts. Researchers cited the explanation that such environments allow viruses and bacteria to be more easily transmitted. Additionally, they said that employees might become more stressed in such an office, which in turn made illness a higher possibility.

In an interview with Forbes, Nigel Scott-Williams, a regional U.S. director for a furniture company, explained why he was against the open office format.

“There’s a time when you need to share information and collaborate and there’s a time when you need to go away and do some deep thinking,” he said. “So really the secret is to have a type of multi-space for heads-down focused work and also for collaborative kind of work.”

When choosing whether or not an open office is right for their organization, owners should be sure to invest in an HR software solution. That way, regardless of where employees are working, they can stay up to date on everything from business regulations to their personal payroll information.

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