What HR software can do to streamline to hiring process

Technology has helped human resources professionals go through more applications than ever, but the potential of these programs can expand beyond these processes. Instead of manually going through the motions to set up interviews or follow up with prospective hires yourself, HR software solutions can do much of the work for you.

The days of automation are in, but its application within the HR software sector is limited. Some may argue that going with these programs may put a recruiter’s job at risk, but that is not entirely true because some tasks still require face-to-face interaction. Lou Alder, CEO of the Alder Group, a training and search business, told Inc. Magazine about the benefits of balancing these two entities.

“[It is] still about weeding out the weak rather than finding the best,” Alder said. “If I’m going to hire you, I’m going to want to meet you.”

Where HR software programs can improve the process is that they can send automated messages to specific candidates after an interview. For example, instead of waiting to hear if a job seeker is still in the running for a position, the system can notify candidate(s) that the business decided to further look into them or not. Ofren times, candidates are left in the dark until the decision has already been made.

“The automation allows us to find those people whom we have forgotten to give a status update in time. This means candidates know the outcome faster and we don’t miss people in the process,” Joris Luijke, vice president of human resources at Squarespace, explained on his Culture Hacking blog. “In some ways, this simple automation has made our process more ‘human.'”

Some HR software solutions even allows recruiters to have a collaborative interviewing system, where staff members can share notes with one another on a specific interviewee. This allows the next person of contact to ask different questions and learn more about the candidate. By maximizing the processes of the HR software, professionals will have more time to complete the “human” tasks associated with human resources.

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