What Broadway can teach your business about hiring

Casting actors for a play has several similarities to hiring potential employees for a business. In each scenario, individuals must have the necessary skill sets and be able to work well with others. This does not mean that personalities will never clash, but the actors or employees must be able to put differences aside to achieve the final project.

A recent Harvard Business Review contribution piece commented on this similarity, and said that each scenario also proved the importance of teamwork. Citing data from researchers Brian Uzzi and Jarrett Spiro, who looked at past Broadway plays and their success stories, the article explained that temporary teams are often more successful, because they have the right balance of experience and old vs. new relationships.

“The rationale behind their findings is that old colleagues bring knowledge of the process, as well as prior norms (and awareness of past storms) from old teams while the new members bring fresh ideas that enhance the creativity of the show,” the article said.”

It is important for businesses to take this information with a grain of salt. Different companies will likely have varied needs in terms of teamwork or employees working on individual projects.

HR managers that do not have current human resources software solutions could find themselves at a serious disadvantage when it comes time for “casting.” Not only will this tool help hiring managers see which departments need extra assistance, but it will help them stay organized throughout the entire hiring process.

HR software solutions can supply businesses with the extra help they need to stay on top of hiring requirements. Also, upon hiring, employees will be able to access their payroll information and work toward keeping themselves informed on any human resource changes.

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