Ways Twitter can make an impact on your hiring sprees

We have previously discussed how the use of social media can lead to attracting a larger pool of applicants, but how these networks leverage themselves greatly differs from one another.

At Twitter specifically, a 140-character micro-blogging limit and the use of hashtags have helped users appreciate the use of keywords more, while showing personality, according to Business 2 Community. Recently contributor Erin Osterhaus spoke with Twitter’s recruiter Ms. Collins on how the tech business utilizes its own product to attract job seekers.

“We offer more than just job listings; we also share news about events happening within the company, external events we attend and insights from our executives,” Collins said. “The handle gives our followers a look into what’s happening inside of the company and a bit about what makes Twitter a great place to work.”

Often times, head hunters who post job listings on Twitter will simply say they are hiring “x” position in “y” department, those interested would click on “z” link. If a user has a question on the job, they may or may not get an answer from the person who posted it.

That is not the case on Twitter’s human resources account, @JoinTheFlock. For them, engagement is key and that is shown in multiple ways such as:

  • Share company news: If something new is happening at Twitter, this account will share that information with a photograph, tweet or video from their sister company Vine. Ms. Collins provided an example when a staff member put up a picture of a row of mimosa dispensers during their #HackWeek event. Doing this gives candidates a glimpse of what it’s like to be at Twitter.
  • Employees re-tweet jobs: This approach is a little more sincere than just displaying the opening on the human resources account. It shows that there is a demand for a hire and that they are interested to see who will look into the opportunity.
  • Use of hashtags: Hashtags helps Twitter communicate directly with users who are interested in specific subject areas. If they wanted a web developer, they would indicate which skills they need at the end of the tweet, which would be redirected on their Discover page among the many other tweets with the same hashtag. This way, applicants know exactly what Twitter is looking for.

While there is great value with using Twitter, there are some caveats to consider. The Pew Research Center found that Twitter’s following only comprises 18 percent of the adult population, whereas Facebook leads the pack with about 73 percent of users over 18 years old.

Osterhaus also explained that job seekers who are utilizing websites like Twitter are more likely actively looking for work — their free time enables them to come across these listings in real-time, whereas passive job hunters rely on static website postings.

Either way, going through these applications is no easy task. HR software solutions can help expedite this process every step of the way. Whether it be through using application filters, scheduling interviews or sending automated emails, each of these tasks play its own important role for human resources professionals.

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