Using team incentives to push your business forward

By implementing comprehensive HRIS software, businesses of all sizes can help their employees stay up-to-date on all company policies. Some organizations might encourage individual projects, while others will want occasional group work to take place. If the latter option is chosen, it is important that managers understand the risks and rewards of collaboration.

According to a study by the International Society for Performance Improvement and The Incentive Research Foundation, teams that were provided with incentives in the workplace were 45 percent more productive. Workers who were given individual incentives were 27 percent more productive.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) posted a recent article that discussed the findings, and underscored the importance of employees understanding what is expected of them in the office. When team members are too competitive, it can create unbalance in the workplace. At the same time, talent management issues could also be detrimental to individual and overall growth.

“Remember, team incentives fail if individual incentives are layered like a cake,” the article said. “Most people prioritize the individual incentive over the team one every time, if only because they have more control over the outcome. The point is collaboration; so incentives must be designed to reward the group.”

HR software solutions will not guarantee that employees will always work well together in groups, but it will ensure that all team members have the necessary tools for collaboration. Having access to company policies will help employees understand what is expected of them in the workplace and allow them to keep current on any requirements for overtime and other payroll issues.

HRIS software helps companies guarantee that all employees can stay connected and have access to the same information. From there, it will be much easier to encourage group activities and ensure that team members stay on task.

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