Using software solutions to stay productive out of the office

As mobile devices continue to be integrated into the workplace and remote communications become a regular part of a day at the office, businesses are continuing to revamp the way they think about working on the road. In stark contrast to just a few years ago, when the most contact remote employees could have with the office was a phone call or text, workers now are hardly ever completely detached from their work resources. With cloud computing, video chat and mobile internet, there’s nearly no limit the ways to get things done while on the road.

Having the technology is one thing, but what are HR organizations doing to keep employees motivated once they step out that door?

In an article for Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason W. Womack, the founder of the California-based Womack Company, looked the specific methods different companies are using to keep employees productive whenever they are on the road.

The first major point was for all employees to keep all their pertinent information available from their mobile devices on the portable calendar. This means making sure all travel information, meeting schedules and flight information in a place that’s easily accessible from anywhere.

Secondly, the author stresses that workers should take advantage of the opportunities that cloud-based software provides. When taking notes or jotting down ideas, avoid using a word processor that’s based on a computer. Instead, use a service that can be edited from anywhere, should inspiration strike away from the office.

The third piece of advice is to set up text macros so as to write emails and other messages faster. For example, Womack suggests using a program such as TypeIt4Me or iPhone shortcuts to autocorrect “em” to your email address, so as to avoid constantly typing the whole thing.

Of course, the best way to maintain productivity throughout the work place and on the road is to seek out HR software consulting services.

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