Using other technologies with HR software solutions

Processes have become more digital over time and recruiters are beginning to catch on to these trends. The days of reading paper copies of resumes have  given way to scanning these documents through a company’s HR software solution.

The internet allows lots of flexibility for human resources because now they can choose to recruit from multiple platforms. Instead of relying on applications sent to the  company’s website, hiring managers can reach out to job seekers via social media, mobile websites and online video conferences, according to HR morning.

The source asked, “what’s the next wave of technology that HR is riding?” and the answer is simple: take advantage of all of it. According to an infographic from SparkHire, about 94 percent of recruiters have been or plan on using social media efforts to recruit new hires.

Social media can explain a lot about a person, as well as a business’ digital brand. Data accumulated from these accounts can be filtered out by HR software solutions, which can explain exactly what kind of applicants have looked at their website.

Speaking of websites, the source also found that only 7 percent of hiring managers said they have a mobile-friendly careers webpage, even though over 70 percent of job seekers reported job hunting on their smartphones. Creating a mobile optimized careers website can be extremely beneficial to human resources because they are able to gather a larger pool of applications.

A combination of social media, video conferencing and Big Data may change the way people submit resumes, but it has the potential to generate 4.4 million jobs by 2015—good for business and the American economy.

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