Using HR software solutions to strengthen the remote workforce

It seems that with each passing day, computer systems become more complex and more businesses are finding ways to integrate mobile devices and cloud technology into their daily operations. As companies continue to adjust to such innovations, more employees are being given the option to work from home.

Mashable predicted that by 2016, 43 percent of the U.S. workforce will be remote. With this in mind, companies must ensure that they have the right human resources software solutions in place to account for such changes.

Allison O’Kelly, CEO of a virtual professional staffing firm, told Mashable that companies often worry about losing control when employees are working from a remote location. However, when managers and supervisors have the right training, and can get a full understanding about the importance of proper communication skills, businesses can have great success with a remote workforce.

“Virtual managers likely need training on how to expand their communication skills to include how to keep employees motivated as a team, giving positive and negative feedback over the phone, making sure schedules stay on track without micromanaging and making employees feel appreciated for the work they do,” O’Kelly said.

Additionally, it’s important for organizations to overcome the isolation aspect and plan regular communications. Both of these can be achieved with conference calls and video chats, for example. The main thing, though, according to the article, is for businesses to communicate well – regardless of where employees are located.

When companies invest in HRIS software, human resource managers can ensure that supervising teams can be taught the right approach to leading a remote workforce. Efficiency and profitability can remain top priorities while still properly communicating with all employees.

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