Using email as a powerful recruitment tool

An efficient employee recruitment system will be strategically designed to reach possible candidates in the way they find most effective, which could differ depending on the demographic. As an example, companies that want to reach out more Millennial workers could consider an email-focused strategy, which is perhaps statistically more likely to reach this age group and provoke a response. The Society of Human Resource Management recently spoke to James Lewis of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) about this trend.

Among other findings, a survey from Lewis’ organization recently discovered that email works best as a means of communication for younger workers, who have become especially used to the constant speed of email exchanges in recent years for trading job-related information.

However, it’s important for HR departments to take email threads seriously and not just bombard candidates with too much data. An article in Loyalty360 recently looked at research from Amia on the strategies that some consumers will use to counter engagement tactics they don’t want, including unsubscribing from lists.

While this was focused on sending marketing emails to customers, there may also be something here for HR leaders to take away when handling candidates for recruitment. The senior vice president of the company, Marin Hayward, addressed this issue in language that could apply to HR with just a few changes.

“Millennials are the ‘always on’ generation, but it is a mistake for marketers to make assumptions about their communications preferences,” he said. “Just because a person shares their details with a brand does not mean they want to be inundated with lots of generic messages.”

If the current engagement strategy at a company is not sufficient for engaging with the target candidate demographic, then changing the HR software solution you use may be in order.

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