Use effective onboarding to retain talent

When it comes to the success of a new hire, the more helpful you can be, the better the outcome for the employee and the company as a whole. It takes an investment in time and resources to locate, train and hire a new employee, but there’s one critical step many employers neglect that can lead to the situation not working out: the onboarding process.

The onboarding process is the time to bring fresh workers up to speed with the company and the duties they will be responsible for in their new roles. However, for some, this process leaves much to be desired. Failing to put an adequate onboarding process in place could lead to employee turnover. According to an article from HR Bartender, a 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey found that poor onboarding was the driving reason behind 25 percent of new employee loss during the first year.

Onboarding can contain training, getting familiar with the organization and meeting the team members that new employees will be working with. The survey also reported that 60 percent of companies surveyed did not set goals for new employees, and 30 percent said that new employees took up to a year to become fully productive. To ensure that new hires stay on board, it is crucial to provide them with the necessary training at the right times as they ease into their new roles.

Additionally, if your company is familiar with employees walking out the door, an exit interview can be a useful process to help determine their reasons for abandoning ship. With this information, HR can work out the issues that are causing new workers to leave, and in turn work to improve retention rates. A comprehensive HR software system can help track and manage the details.

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