Update your HR software to keep pace with evolving workforce

Technology is ever-evolving, and younger generations tend to be very adept at using new systems and inventions on a regular basis. As more Millennials—those born between the early 1980s and 2000s—enter the workforce, it is more important for businesses to keep themselves as current as possible.

According to a recent CompTIA survey, out of employees who work in an environment that uses some form of technology, 67 percent of Millennials judge their employers by their technological knowledge.

Author Dan Schawbel explained to the Society for Human Resource Management that companies need to be willing to embrace new technologies, such as instant messaging, Skype, Google Hangouts and social networks.

Damon Lovett, vice chair of the board of directors for the International Human Resource Information Management Association (IHRIM), explained to SHRM that a workplace cannot cope if it ignores technological advances—especially HR technological advances.

“Granted, changing technology once or twice a year doesn’t make financial sense for any organization,” he said. “However, if [for example an] organization has not evaluated their HR-service delivery model and maybe more importantly the technology footprint they are currently using to deliver those services, they will be doing the organization a major disservice.”

It is up to every company’s discretion how and when to integrate social media into daily operations. However, it is essential that all employees have access to the organization’s policies about such innovations. Updated HR software can keep all staff members informed and ensure that they have the necessary tools to stay on-task.

Furthermore, current HR software solutions are vital to companies staying connected to their employees. Regardless of a worker’s age, he or she will appreciate being informed on how a business is adapting to change and in what ways it could impact his or her day-to-day activities.

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