Trust is essential for a successful remote working situation

Technology has made it possible for people to work together, even when spread out across the world. While it may be possible to work without being physically present in an office with co-workers, there are important considerations to account for.

As Fast Company details, remote working arrangements can be beneficial, especially when the company wants to hire talent that is not based within the local area of their main office. This possibility can allow HR to expand hiring to other areas. However, if a worker is permanently remote, especially when the individual is a manager, it is essential to set up an arrangement to ensure communication runs smoothly.

When a manager works remotely it is even more important to keep the lines of communication open. With proper planning, the connection between managers and other workers can be successfully maintained. As the article details, setting up weekly calls and emails can help remote workers stay in touch with their managers. One aspect of this arrangement is that for it to work, employees must be able to take the initiative to get work done, even when a manager is not physically present.

This type of working arrangement requires an environment of trust. Workers can help build this trust by engaging in frequent communication and knowing that they can still ask for help even though they are not together at an office.

HR can help foster a positive working relationship between employees and managers by encouraging transparency and responsibility. With an effective HR system, departments can easily keep track of employee performance, ensuring that remote working situations are functioning at optimal levels, or if other arrangements need to be made.

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