Top 25 hottest skills of 2013 heavily revolved around technology

Last year may be over, but the demand for high-quality talent still continues. In fact, businesses are still struggling to fill vacant positions in their information technology departments, according to LinkedIn.

As we move into 2014, it is likely that these tech-savvy workers will still be in demand, so human resources departments need to revamp HR software filters accordingly to process as many applications as possible.

How did LinkedIn come to this conclusion? Based on job postings on the website and search activity by recruiters on the professional social networking website, terms like “cloud and distributed computing,” and “user interface design” came up extremely often.

The push to use programs and paperless systems has increased the demand for these candidates, but an ongoing skills and worker shortage has made it hard for recruiters to hire these applicants. While it may seem hard to get into the tech industry, ReadWrite contributor Selena Larson wrote that that is “a pretty good job market to be in.”

However, there is another push for another position for those who are not as technologically literate and that is social media marketing. Businesses that may not understand the ins and outs of all of these platforms can benefit from hiring an individual who does. Each website has its niche, so companies may not know how to adjust their approach from one website to another.

Depending on the type of industry your business is in, it is necessary to take advantage of HR software solutions’ search filters to find exactly the type of candidate you are looking for. Doing this will expedite the hiring process and streamline operations for the rest of the year.

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