Three quick tips for being more involved at work in 2016

You have just as much time in the day as Beyonce. Twenty-four hours to do whatever you’d like. Hopefully most of it will be spent productively, and only some of it will be spent binging Netflix. With the advent of a new year, many of us look for ways to use our time more effectively, either by squeezing out an hour at the gym in the AM, or coming home early to be with children before bedtime.

While I won’t be giving our life-coach type tips, I do want to talk about some strategies to make your time at the office count. That way you can impress your bosses, snag that raise, and live more comfortably.

Study Up

Learn a new skill at work that will help you increase your status or salary or both. Is it WordPress? Design? Accounting? Project management? Whatever. If you study this new skill relentlessly and ask for assignments where you can exercise it, you’ll hopefully be noticed by management and rewarded for your diligence and effort.

Teach Someone

The best way to learn something is actually to teach it to others. Take an intern or young staffer under your wing. Teach them about your job sector, or ask them what they’d like to learn. Work together to understand this new concept and you’ll be passing on extremely worthwhile knowledge and attention.

Put Yourself Out There

Attending networking events in your area. Buy a ticket to a conference. Meet an old colleague for lunch. By being more active in your network you can improve your contact list, help others, and set yourself up for opportunities in the future.

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