The who and when of promoting

When it comes to managing a workforce, one of the most important parts of the job is knowing not only who to promote, but when to do it. What information does HR need to make the right decision at the right time?

Jack Zenger writes in an article for Forbes that when looking for individuals to promote, organizations tend to compile lists of those they believe show the highest potential. Although certain employees may display a great deal of potential to succeed in other roles, one of the significant challenges is determining how to place the right individual in the right role. As Zenger notes, placing someone in the wrong role can result in undesirable consequences.

When the wrong individual is selected for a role, companies end up misusing their resources. Additionally, Zenger explains that at the same time the best candidate for the job can end up going unnoticed. What can HR do to ensure they select the best candidates for the jobs? One of the first factors to look at performance. Employees with high levels of quantifiable performance stand out.

Another factor to take into consideration is their approach to issues in the workplace. As The Muse points out, an employee who takes responsibility by offering solutions instead of merely voicing complaints may be a better choice to move into a leadership role. Other factors to look at include an ability to learn and share knowledge, inspire others, collaborate and work as part of a team and a desire for career advancement.

A comprehensive HR software system can help monitor the information departments need to see when deciding who to promote.

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