The Ultimate List of HR Manager Tasks

Human Resources has evolved greatly over the past decade. The tasks of an HR department have grown in kind. Human resources touches all aspects of a business, from finance to operations to marketing. Your HR department handles performance, pay, change management, recruiting, admin, culture, and so much more.

An HR Manager job description can at times read like a laundry list, and we’re here to lay it all out for you.

List of HR Manager Tasks:

Resolving Conflicts

  • Maintains a proper grievance process for employees to raise issues of peers, management, or otherwise
  • Handle internal crisis and investigations regarding performance and/or behavior
  • Delivers fair, unbiased solution to any employee issues after a thorough investigation into all angles of the matter
  • Investigate allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and unfair treatment
  • Act as a liaison between workers’ union and management during a period of disagreement and work towards a strike avoidance
    • Negotiate labor contracts, pensions, bargaining agreements, etc.

Maintaining Corporate Culture

  • Train staff on HR policies and general business policies during on-boarding process
    • Continue to update staff as these policies evolve
  • Create a handbook for the business that outlines the policies and procedures of employment at the firm
  • Start a company publication or email newsletter celebrating company events and top employees
  • Work with senior leadership team to establish company culture guidelines
  • Emphasize hiring candidates who fit the company culture
  • Recognize and reward strong results from employees with bonuses, gifts, etc.
  • Foster an open door policy where employees feel comfortable working with HR and their own managers to mitigate issues

Employee Relations & Development

  • Manage office outings and entertainment to improve workplace morale
  • Drive an effective learning and development agenda that impacts the employees and the businesses – personal and professional development of the team is a key HR manager goal
    • Offering online or offline classes and training’s in management skills, web coding, or search engine optimization, for example
  • Conduct periodic employee surveys to collate insights and design employee entertainment or office policies accordingly to address concern areas

Administrative Tasks

  • Implement an HRIS for use of all employees
  • Train & onboard new employees which includes policies, procedures, corporate culture, benefits, office perks, and much more
  • Maintains human resources records by recording new hires, transfers, terminations, changes in job classifications, merit increases; tracking vacation, sick, and personal time
  • Orients new employees by providing orientation information packets; reviewing company policies; gathering withholding and other payroll information; explaining and obtaining signatures for benefit programs
  • Documents human resources actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records


  • Define clear job profiles and descriptions for posting to recruitment websites
  • Screen potential candidates before bringing them in for in-person interviews with team members
  • Negotiate starting salary and benefits after job has been offered
  • Work with senior management to budget for open positions
  • Handle internal job hiring if employees would like to move to a new department or brand
  • Work on organization’s “brand” on social media, website, and everywhere a potential candidate may come in contact. What do you want the company to look like to an outsider?

Pay & Benefits

  • Ensure payroll runs are successful and on time
    • Attendance monitoring, leave tracking, clock in/outs, and calculating the payroll are all critical to employee satisfaction
  • Compensation & bonus planning during annual pay raises is a massive project for HR managers
  • Establish timely performance review processes so employees and managers can share feedback on each other, promotions can be discussed, and improvements are made across the board
  • Adapt new ways of awarding benefits such as flexible work times, paternity leave, extended holidays, telecommuting etc.
  • Review benefits and add new offerings as business and employee needs change including, but not limited to, commuting, maternity/paternity leave, general healthcare, dental, vision, 401K, and education reimbursement

Management Counsel

  • Act as a business partner and provide dashboards/analytics to business heads for strategic planning
  • Support and counsel business managers to effectively manage teams to ensure higher employee productivity
  • Establish change management processes so employees can meet organizational changes with optimism and a clarity
  • Provide management development and counseling assistance to enhance leadership performance and productivity

Legal Compliance

  • Ensure business is following all government and local laws regarding wages, hiring, working conditions, and more
  • Monitor, analyze, and implements all regulatory changes as local, state, and federal laws change
  • Handle workers’ compensation claims if an employee is injured on the job

OK now tell us what we’ve forgotten! What should we be adding to this list of HR manager tasks?

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