The rise of gaming in the hiring process

This blog has previously discussed the benefits of having a unique hiring process. Playing board games with prospective hires might seem out of place, but it can actually further reveal a candidate’s personality.

However, another increasingly popular trend is businesses using the “gamification route,” according to a recent Deccan Chronicle article. The news source explained that more global firms are using a game-based application process to narrow down the applicant field.

“The idea is to add a fun element to the traditionally intimidating interview process,” gamification consultant Vikram Parekh told the news source.

The article also cited a Gartner report, which said that by 2014, over 70 percent of the Forbes Global 2,000 firms are expected to have at least one game-based application.

Naveen Narayanan, global head of talent acquisition at HCL Technologies, explained to the Chronicle that when his company implemented a gamification process, it was able to predict up to 95 percent accuracy whether a candidate would accept a job if offered.

While not every firm might be willing or able to take advantage of this hiring approach, it can be beneficial to keep the interview process unique and memorable. Candidates want to know what type of company they are applying to, and that they will fit in and be able to connect once they are hired.

By implementing HR systems, a business can ensure that once hired, an employee will never be out of the loop when it comes to new office regulations or any payroll adjustments. With an HR software solution, team members can access their personal information at any time and find information on corporate policies.

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