The Next Phase of HR Automation

Automation in HR has become an increasingly utilized factor. New applications and programs are being built daily, so how can your organization keep up, and keep ahead of the technological advances? What’s coming next that you should know about? We share our thoughts as well as direct quotes from an article by Steve Boese, co-chair of HRE’s HR Technology® Conference.

Automation of Ancillary Processes

Now that the major functions of HR have been automated and inserted into appropriate information systems, there are many secondary or tertiary functions that need to be automated. The next step is ensuring these functions are welcomed into the automation family – and then businesses get used to working with them again.

“If you’re the rare HR leader who gains real insight into who is truly influential in the organization by means of a social-network analysis or the talent-acquisition leader who sources dozens of potentially great candidates from mining data in your reference-checking technology, then you’ve just moved into a more advanced and valuable territory.”


Automation to Insight

Automating processes is nice, and gaining data from them is even nicer, but the actions you take afterwards are most important.

While most of the mature HRIS products continue to offer and expand upon their analytical capabilities, it is also true that many organizations are still trying to “catch up” to those capabilities. In fact, many leading HR technology providers are now pushing past simple, report-based analytics into a new frontier called predictive analytics, in which the HR system leverages vast quantities of information about employees, job changes, hires, terminations, performance reviews, compensation and more, in order to generate insights on predicted flight risks and likelihood of high individual performance.”

Automation of Interactions

Imagine if, as a manager, you could be reminded of important dates of your employees’ lives like birthdays, work anniversaries, and more. That’s the way automation is helping offices head this year. Apps can even send tips on how to manage sensitive situations or become a more effective supervisor. The next generation of HR technologies will contain this blend of information repository, analysis and actionable recommendations—many of which will arrive in smartphone (and even smartwatch) notification form.

Technology will not stand still – and how organizations handle this change and all the advantages at their fingertips will go a long way towards being successful and being left behind.

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