The influence of big data on HR

With the ever-increasing amount of data and information available about individuals today, big data has been a subject of interest for many industries, and HR is no exception. In fact, big data could be poised to shape the way that HR departments conduct their recruiting efforts.

Every HR department strives to find and recruit the best candidates for open positions. A recent Mashable article discusses some of the possible implications that big data holds when it comes to recruiting employees, suggesting that the availability of this information is putting the focus of the process back onto the recruiter, who is tasked with sorting through available candidate information.

What is meant by this is that companies are able to retrieve candidate data from online social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, among other available sources. Computer programs can use algorithms to sift through the information and determine matches.

As Forbes points out, for many companies, payroll is a major expense. Employers want to make sure they are getting the most for their money, and means finding the best, most high-performing talent. Through the use of data analytics, HR departments can not only work to find the candidates best-suited for the job, but can also determine other factors like performance metrics.

The use of data in the hiring process has the potential to create more accurate matches. Instead of relying solely on “gut feel, personal experience, and corporate belief systems,” to make hiring decisions, the understanding gained through data may help make this process more accurate.

HR departments have myriad details to keep track of. HR software solutions help departments manage important aspects of recruiting.

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