The importance of tough questions in the interview process

This blog has previously discussed how important it is for HR employees to weed through stacks of applications and find candidates who can immediately begin contributing to an organization once hired. For this process to be as simple as possible, human resource teams must have the necessary tools available to them and be prepared to ask key questions during interviews.

With comprehensive HR software solutions, hiring managers can see which departments are struggling and could benefit from more workers. Additionally, HRIS will cut down on paperwork, giving HR teams more opportunities to meet with current employees in person. This will give them more guidance as to what types of assistance each department requires.

From there, it is crucial that challenging questions are posed to candidates. Otherwise, HR managers could be bringing on applicants who will struggle in their new jobs.

Inc. Magazine contributor Ilya Pozin recently described several types of interview questions that HR teams can ask candidates, ensuring that they are capable of handling all tasks requires of the open position.

According to Pozin, it’s important to see how much research an applicant has done beforehand, and if he or she understands what the organization does and how he or she can further contribute. Additionally, open-ended questions give the candidate an opportunity to show how he or she would approach problems.

“Ask your candidate how he [or she] would handle a problem your company actually faces, so you can find out how [he or she would] tackle it,” Pozin wrote. “You’re not looking for a right or wrong answer; you’re looking to get a sense of how the candidate processes and thinks about a question.”

With the right HRIS and by asking comprehensive questions, HR teams will find the best contributors for their company.

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