The Importance of Acting On Surveys to Improve HR

Conducting an employee survey within an organization is one of the most common practices to figure out what improvements are necessary to make. Before we can enhance employee satisfaction we need to know what the areas of concern are and whether it’s viable to apply changes because of them. By conducting a survey, an organization can find out what employees need the most, and to change what isn’t working. Essential to morale and motivation, implementing software solutions could be necessary to provide guidance to what employees’ are seeking so that evaluation can be carried out accurately and with purpose.

Frequency of surveys

In order for your survey to be effective it’s essential to administer them on a regular basis, at the very least, once a year. In doing this, it sends a message to employees that expressing their thoughts and concerns are appreciated which in turn, increases loyalty and retention among staff who recognize their opinions are valued. Regular surveys means you’re able to monitor employees’ goals, skills, satisfaction and performance levels and keep check of influences such as redundancies, mergers, etc.

Sharing results

One of the most common misjudgements evaluating the results from a survey is the lack of sharing amongst managers and supervisors. In order for a survey to be effective, the outcomes should be made knowledge to all concerned before action can be taken. Communication with managers is paramount to avoid alienating the response of an individual’s results as a manager is their first point of contact. In showing an understanding of the opinion of a workforce and rewarding team members can only improve the way in which HR is valued.

Taking action

There is little point of conducting a survey without implementing the necessary changes from results. Meetings should be arranged which include individual employees in the process so that they feel their concerns are genuinely being met. When the managers of each departments facilitate a meeting, their focus should be on the inclusion of everyone so that issues can be individually addressed. Having evaluated the findings, action needs to be taken, for example, training provided to motivate employees whose performance has been under-achieving.

Collating the valuable information from a survey can only be a useful method if outcomes are acted upon for the enhancement of an organization. In making the relevant changes employees seek, they are more likely to contribute to company growth.

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