The Current State of HR Technology and HR Systems

Guest post by: Sally Keys

Leveraging the power of technology for security, convenience, and efficiency is a must in today’s HR environment. Automating your human resources tasks does not need to be expensive with new cloud technologies. In fact, the cloud is an indispensable tool for managing your workers at an efficient pace and price.

Why Automation Is Important

Modern HR information systems are transforming the way apps are designed for collaboration, increased productivity, and sharing. This innovative approach to HR operations can be utilized across the board; even though some senior team members may shy away from adapting to new technology, there is much to benefit from acquiring new skills in your career. HR managers can reap the rewards of streamlined information management with the array of new cloud-based software systems on the market. In a study released by PayStream Advisors, when businesses moved from a novice HR organization with no automation to an innovator HR firm that is highly automated, they experienced an average of 84 percent savings in processing costs.

What Cloud-Based Payroll and HR Can Help with

Small and midsized businesses are leading the technology shift to cloud-based software according to a recent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Cloud-based systems can securely manage all paperwork related to HR. This makes it easier to collaborate on, access, and complete human resources functions, like:

  • Compliance– Audits used to consist of a stressful search through boxes of files and stacks of paper forms. These days, cloud technologies like document management system (DMS) and enterprise resource planning software help ensure compliance with the ADA, Affordable Care Act, HIPAA, and other legislative acts.
  • Flexibility– 96 percent of full-time employees say they use their own devices to access work-related content according to a recent Gallup Poll. This is also making it easier for tech-savvy seniors to stay in the workforce and find career niches later in life.
  • Security– From sensitive financial and legal data to invoices and contracts, cloud-based DMSs can protect your important documents with full redundancy. These documents can then be accessed from anywhere at any time using a secure online platform.
  • Workflow – Reducing the costs associated with paper, saving time, and streamlining the records management process, a digital or paper resume with references can be uploaded in no time, shared with team members, and stored for later access.
  • Data Capture – You can capture info from file sharing systems, emails, faxes, paper documents, and any other source using advanced data capture technology.

The current state of HR technology and HR information systems continues to focus on leveraging the cloud to streamline operations and enhance productivity. This allows you to focus on issues around employee satisfaction and retention and not on chasing paper.

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