The Changing Sphere of Employee Benefits

MetLife’s annual “Employee Benefits Trend Study” finds a recently growing belief in the business world that “voluntary benefits” are not a significant part of constructing a benefits package. What is notable about this information is that the same study also revealed that a majority of employees themselves “are in favor of a wide array of benefits choices,” says Sarah Sipek of Workforce.

This disparity between the views of employees and employers can be counterproductive, especially considering that an attractive benefits package can drive an employee to remain with a company or depart for fairer seas.

Sipek goes on to say that companies should be “learning as much as possible about their specific workforce in order to compile voluntary benefits offerings that can meet their needs.” Each employee will have his or her own healthcare needs, for example, and the lack of customizability in a certain benefits package can widen a chasm between worker and employer. Indeed, MetLife’s survey of employees found that 65% believe that having the ability to choose specific benefits packages would strengthen their loyalty towards the company.

Making sure that your employees are satisfied with their professional circumstances is a vital part of any HR department’s duties. Having an HR software system that streamlines workflow and allows you to automate bureaucratic, time-consuming tasks and frees you up to focus on doing things like improving your company’s benefits offerings can be the difference between losing and retaining multiple employees over the long-term.

HR Software Solutions is the company to turn to for aid in finding the right software vendor, implementing that software, and ensuring that it performs the functions you need it to so you can do what you do best.

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