The case for not closely reading into an applicant’s work experience

Whenever the human resources department finalizes the details of a job description, it typically considers a certain amount of professional experience. Whether that is amounted in years or knowledge of using specific programs, we think hiring managers should not hold this checklist so close to their hearts.

While the details of a person’s cover letter and resume can provide great insight on what the prospective hire has accomplished so far in his or her professional career, it fails to see their potential to strengthen or build their skill set, Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Chris Cena explained.

“It’s shortsighted, really. And it’s exactly why hiring exclusively on experience doesn’t make sense anymore,” Cena wrote. “Instead, innovative business owners should think differently about hiring.”

Human resource departments can utilize their HR software solutions to highlight which candidates to look into, even if they fail to meet the initial job posting. Markets are constantly readjusting and using newer technologies to keep up with the industry’s demand, so identifying a job seeker’s poor attitude during the interview process should raise a larger red flag than not knowing how to use certain programs.

In Cena’s experience in the thriving technology work sector, he found that hiring someone who simply knew his or her job responsibilities is no longer enough. If they are not flexible to provide insight and help colleagues, investing in that candidate will come back to burn the business’ payroll.

“What happens when you hire someone who is smart (with years of experience!) but isn’t terribly concerned with timelines, budgets and meeting the scope requirements? [W]e all know the genius who knows he or she is a genius but has a less-than-desirable attitude.”

HR software solutions may be known for weeding out weaker candidates, but they can also be used to look into those who may have plenty of room to grow, which in turn can be extremely advantageous to your company in the long run.

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