Tech industry perks that can apply to any organization

Executives are constantly trying to create a more engaged workforce, but many have found limited success. One industry that has found ways to provide a work environment that tailors to its employees aspirations and personal needs is technology. Many of these adjustments aren’t as costly as they seem, according to Glassdoor.

The online job postings website released its top 25 companies with the best benefits and compensation packages. While nearly half of the list consists of organizations in Silicon Valley, Glassdoor believes these perks can be applied anywhere, creating a work culture that is inspired by the technology industry, without paying the exorbitant costs.

“There are other pieces all employers can evaluate for their own company and do their best to offer employees,” Glassdoor community expert Scott Dobroski told Motley Fool. “This can include offering bonuses, flexible schedules, more paid time off, the option to work remotely, health benefits beyond general health and dental, stock options and more.”

Any of these recommendations can be added into the business’ HR software system. Having these new policies in written form will make employees more comfortable acting on them holding supervisors accountable for not abiding by them. They include:

  • Providing more relaxation during the work day: Many technology businesses have places to nap, socialize or in some cases, receive weekly massages, according to CNBC. Most work environments create a lot of pressure and stress, which can take a toll on one’s mental health. If space is limited in the office to provide any of these services, consider offering weekly or monthly events.
  • Transparency across all levels: About 45 percent of workers feel there isn’t enough information on compensation, promotions or suggestions to the organization. Supervisors may have told their employees that there is an open-door policy, but workers still might feel uncomfortable with coming forward. It can also be hard to achieve transparency as a company grows larger.
  • Flexible work options: This blog has extensively talked about the advantages to having a flexible work schedule, and the technology sector agrees. Workers are able to get more done if they can log on at different hours to make up for time lost due to errands or personal issues.

When considering these benefits or other perks that technology companies have in place, remember that not all of these will work for every organization. Dobroski explained that it is important to take a poll to see what your business’ employees want the most because it “will make them more satisfied in and out of work.” HR software solutions can be used to make these announcements, as well as many other company-wide changes.

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