Survey: One-third of workers find their education applicable to their job

When businesses have comprehensive HR software in place, it will be much easier for them to supply employees with the right tools to stay organized in the workplace.

Some employees will greatly appreciate the assistance with organization, especially as research shows that few working adults feel fully prepared to enter the business world.

According to a University of Phoenix study where 1,600 U.S. working adults were surveyed, just 35 percent of respondents with a college degree consider what they learned in school applicable to their current position. Furthermore, just 25 percent said that today’s higher education accurately prepares students for employment in the workforce.

Dr. Sam Sanders explained in a press release that it is important for higher education to be able to adapt to the changing needs of the jobs market and “prepare students for specific jobs and careers.”

“There is significant progress being made in America to tie curriculum to careers earlier in a student’s education, but there is still a lot of work to be done to prepare college graduates for specific careers and grow a more competitive workforce,” Sanders said.

While businesses cannot guarantee that all workers will feel that their particular educational background will perfectly match up with a position, they can take steps toward simplifying their HR experience. For example, when organizations have strong human resource software solutions in place, employees can keep themselves up-to-date on any company policies.

HR managers will also have an easier time keeping team members comfortable when they are organized themselves. HR software will benefit staff at all levels and help companies keep open communication and able to create a successful working environment.

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