Survey: HR has become more complex over the years

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies are just one example of how technology evolving can impact the business world. Many companies have now developed their own BYOD policies, and human resource departments have had to make adjustments to ensure that all employees can remain up-to-date.

If HR personnel do not have the necessary tools, implementing new policies—among other job requirements—can become more difficult. By having comprehensive HR software in place, many of these problems can be eliminated.

For example, recent research shows that HR employees are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by their responsibilities. According to a survey by global talent management firm Lumesse, 52 percent of HR representatives said that their position has grown in complexity. Furthermore, 61 percent said they felt overwhelmed by these changes, while 52 percent admitted that they did not have the ability to fully cope with it.

“If you drill down into the complexities outlined by the survey, the main challenge for HR leaders is the need to understand how the evolution of technologies, macroeconomic factors and globalization can be assessed to create a multi-channel, multinational and multi-generational approach to HR strategy,” Katherine Jones, lead analyst at Bersin by Deloitte, said in a statement.

Jones added that this will impact how HR communicates with candidates, and how they encourage learning—and which types—in their organization.

Having human resource software solutions will ease the burden on HR employees, which will in turn help staff members in all departments. When HR workers do not feel overwhelmed, they can ensure that other employees have the tools they need to flourish individually while still contributing to overall company goals.

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