Study: Underemployment continues to be an issue

While the nation’s jobs numbers slowly continue to improve, it is still important for businesses to seek out talented candidates for any open positions. With employment experts still not convinced that the hiring market is stable, companies must do their part to keep themselves moving forward.

Department of Labor (DOL) Assistant Secretary of Employment and Training Administration Jane Oates spoke at a policy briefing on May 21, in Washington, D.C, called “The Underemployed Generation: Matching Skills to Jobs.” According to her, job seekers need to be responsible in getting an education and ensuring they have skills that are in-demand in today’s business world.

At the same time though, employers must create job descriptions that are comprehensive and accurate. In order to find and hire applicable workers, the business must know what it needs and be diligent in advertising for it.

“If employers have jobs open 60, 90 days [in this economy], something’s wrong,” she said. “Is this because of a skills gap, or is it because employers aren’t sure what they need? Job descriptions typically define technical skills well, but they don’t clearly define soft-skills requirements.”

Oates specified that soft skills include being able to work in teams or different types of writing or speaking that might be required of a particular position.

Once a business has found and hired the right candidates, it is important to keep employees up to date on any regulation changes. With an HRMS, companies can give workers access to policies and information relating to payroll or even retirement planning options.

An HR software solution can keep team members and their employers connected, ensuring that there is not a disconnect at any stage of the hiring process.

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