Study: Majority of construction companies can’t fill open positions

As the economy continues to grow, it is important to hire qualified employees to ensure the American market stays strong. In the construction industry, this is becoming very crucial because some cities are struggling to compete. With the real estate market improving, home values across the country rose to $525 billion during the last quarter, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Inventory may be low for realtors, but construction companies are unable to find skilled workers to even begin upcoming projects. When the housing bubble occurred in 2007, many businesses in this sector were forced to “lay off employees as building shut down,” the Northern Colorado Business Report noted.

Business owners can expedite their initial screening process by using HR software solutions. Instead of going through a large database of job seekers, construction companies can narrow it down to equipment operator, laborer or carpenter. It may difficult because 74 percent of respondents of the Associated General Contractors of America survey said they are unable to fill these positions.

“Many construction firms are already having a hard time finding qualified workers and expect construction labor shortages will only get worse,” said Stephen Sandherr, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of America told the source.

Nonetheless, these businesses are working on improving the situation by participating in career fairs, 33 percent of participants said they started a program with high school students. The goal is to fill up these spots with contractors that have moved on to pursue other career paths. If this trend follows across many state lines in the United States, it is going to become even more important to have an HR software solution in place.

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