Strong employee training needs to follow recruitment

Although recruitment is an area where HR software can demonstrate its value, the process of launching strong new talent at an organization doesn’t end there. New employees need to have the tools to help them adjust to their position and prepare for the future. Putting both human and automated systems in place will give employees the benefits of both, as long as they are established correctly.

Setting up the tools for employee success may be more involved than companies are prepared for. An article for Entrepreneur recently referenced employee onboarding statistics and found that several companies fit all of the onboarding tasks for a new employee into a single day. While this may seem efficient in theory, the article’s author points out that this system can be awkward for the employee since it ends the process of development unnecessarily early.

A smart HR platform can help companies track improvements and measure goals, as well as test the effectiveness of different strategies. Managing previous employees is also important, since the most effective members of the existing workforce can be appointed to training positions and guide the new employees well during their transition.

In an article for Forbes, Maren Hogan of Red Branch Media referenced some of the impacts of using both training and onboarding processes in tandem.

“Approach your new-hire program with care, taking time to consider all the little things that an employee will need to succeed at their job,” Hogan writes. “Training should cover programs, best practices, technology and equipment and have goals clearly stated; onboarding doesn’t stop at company policies, facility tours and department introductions.”

With a clear understanding of the needs of both the recruitment and training processes, HR departments can find more accurate HR solutions to suit incoming workers.

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