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In order for companies to be successful, their employees need to not only have the right skills, but they need to be properly motivated to perform well. With recent federal legislation altering weekly paychecks for many working adults, concerns about time sheets and vacation periods should not be bogging them down.

The Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAP) reported that stress has increased 316 percent in five years as a reason for absenteeism. Employees experience enough external factors for anxiety that dealing with it in the workplace should not be an additional issue. Implementing HR systems can let workers rest assured that they will be properly compensated for hours on the job.

“Time and attendance software can transform the way companies think about managing their hourly workforce, helping them better understand workers, put people in the right places and dramatically reduce overtime because they know what is happening in payroll on nearly a real-time basis,” Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research at Nucleus Research, told TechTarget. “New capabilities will alert managers so they can reschedule folks on the fly in order to avoid paying overtime.”

Ramona Fierro, director of HR for a California-based power services company explained to the news source that before using human resources payroll software, her organization had employees filling out paper time cards. However, when the business lost close to $100,000 in 2010 chargebacks and settled a pricey lawsuit that arose from a dispute about documenting lunch breaks, Fierro said they knew it was time for an upgrade.

“We were at the point where we couldn’t afford not to change,” she said.

Comprehensive HRIS payroll systems can ease the minds of employees at all levels and in all departments of a business. From there, a company can be sure to remain as efficient and as profitable as possible.

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