Story of the week: These HR Trends Can Inform Better Practices in 2019

The human resources industry is ever-changing and adapting to the new technologies, a new workforce generation and the exit of another workforce generation. Practices that were standard in 2018 could already be out of date. The good news is there are industry experts who can lend insight into the 2019 trends for the HR industry.

“The manager’s role of giving regular feedback continues to grow stronger as organizational change happens faster,” said Rachel Ernst, vice president of human resources for Reflektive, a people-management platform. “Putting performance management into the hands of managers benefits employees much more quickly than having HR manage the workflows.”

She added that by handling the performance of their direct reports, managers will be able to quickly and easily provide praise, support, and feedback that improves employee performance and drives results.

“The more fluid and seamless you can weave performance management into daily workflows for managers and employees, the better,” said Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for TopResume.

Augustine echoed Ernst’s thoughts, stating that moving performance management into daily workflow will allow managers to address poor performance more swiftly and help turn around some employees or manage out poor performers more quickly.

“By clearly and regularly communicating one’s expectations, celebrating A-team players, and providing feedback to those who are not meeting expectations, everyone wins,” Augustine said. “Overall, the company will be more productive and satisfied.”

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