Story of the week: Seven Human Resources Competencies That Drive Company Success

Many human resources competencies are non-negotiable, because a lack of them could mean the difference between business success or failure. No smart business owner with employees will — nor should — discount the impact of human beings and their contribution, connection, communication and emotion when conducting business. This should be where human resources comes in. Here are seven essential HR competencies for business success:

1. Effectively navigate the hierarchical structure: It is not easy to align groups, grapple with politics, communicate in a way people can hear and more. Many departments think others don’t work as hard. Many executives think employees don’t appreciate what they have. Many individuals think they are “the one” that makes it all happen. Human resources gets the awesomely challenging responsibility of giving everyone that “check” needed to remember it takes a team.

2. Have a vision aligned with the CEO: It is truly like a marriage, because human resources leaders must align their vision of company culture with the CEO’s vision of profits. Once there is alignment here, HR gets the distinct honor of convincing everyone else on staff to align under this shared umbrella. Staying true to facts and a vision is as important as proactive, ongoing communication and alignment directly with the CEO as climates and markets and profits change. It’s up to human resources to bridge the gap between employers and employees and then get everyone moving the same direction.

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