Story of the week: Is your workplace too cold for productivity?

According to a new survey by 4 Media Group and Andrews Heat for Hire, feeling warm at work makes people more productive. The survey focused on five major cities in the UK and looked at how the cold affects people’s productivity and happiness in the workplace during winter.

The results suggest that being cold makes people less productive and unhappier, resulting in them wanting to work from home over winter. In fact, 26.6% of 1,501 workers who completed the survey said they had previously ‘pulled a sickie’ because their workplace felt too cold.

Funnily enough, 56% of respondents thought the optimal office temperature should be set between 17° and 20°C, compared to just 16% who voted for a far cooler 13°C to 16°C. Meanwhile, 28% stating the ideal temperature should be between a balmy 21°C and 25°C.

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