Story of the week: How Technology is Shaping The Future of Human Resources

In order for a business to operate smoothly, establish a good reputation and reach its established goals, all departments should work seamlessly like well-oiled cogs in a machine. Sales, marketing, management, research, production should all be aligned with the company’s corporate ethos and deliver maximum productivity. However, beyond profit reports and spreadsheets, a company is made out of its employees, so human resources remain one of the most important departments that should never be underestimated. A good HR department bridges the communication gap between management and employees, provides insight into what employees need and develops long-term strategies to boost satisfaction and loyalty. And, with the help of technology, it can achieve much more in considerably less time.

Self-service HR solutions streamline communication 

Chat tools are one of the clearest innovations in customer support, helping businesses address more customer concerns in record time and, with the latest trends in automation, they could take things even further. The same technology can also be applied to human resources. Large enterprises are already experimenting with intelligent chat systems that allow employees to interact with the HR department by means of an AI. So, if an employee wants to send feedback or ask a basic question about the company policy, they can simply interact with this system instead of talking with an HR representative. Also, at certain intervals, these systems can be used to collect extensive feedback about the employee’s experience – for example, they can take surveys after they are promoted or one year into holding a higher position within the organization. Self-service HR solutions can play an essential role in collecting feedback – and, because employees would interact with a bot, not with a person, they are more likely to be completely honest. After the feedback is collected, the system can generate reports and statistics that give HR experts a clear picture and help them better understand employee experience.

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