Story of the week: How AI Is Transforming HR Departments

Since the earliest times, philosophers and scientists have been probing into the mysteries of human intelligence and reasoning. Like our ocean and space exploration, our huge strides in knowledge were followed by a lingering question: How can we apply what we have learned about us to help ourselves live and work better?

It was the techies who provided the final piece of the puzzle with artificial intelligence (AI), which was modeled after our own. Moving away from silver screens and into our daily lives, this technology promises to revolutionize all walks of human life, with the entrepreneurs acting as its early promoters and adopters across industries. There is no better meeting place for human and machine-based intelligence than our human resources (HR) departments. They will be thoroughly transformed through this synergy and its impact on their daily recruiting, assessment, onboarding and management practices.

Talent acquisition is one of the key responsibilities of HR departments, but how can we ensure that it’s actually a “talent” that is eventually acquired? What about situations in which you end up with a smooth-talking and good looking employee who hardly lives up to the initial promise? As HR departments are populated by (spoiler ahead) fallible humans, they are not immune to human bias in these proceedings. AI technology promises to streamline this process by relying more on the analytical processing of huge amounts of data instead of on individual observations.

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