Story of the week: Are HRIS Certifications Worth the Investment for HR Professionals?

HR is undergoing a seismic shift and the profession, more than ever, needs to build from firm foundations; Can an HRIS certification help? Read on to learn more.  

As technology becomes a key enabler for the HR function, practitioners must not only be proficient at using HR software but also understand how to leverage its capabilities to drive business growth. While conventional HR strategies still hold good, the function is increasingly being driven by technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent automation. Given this reality, it is crucial for modern HR professionals to stay abreast of emerging developments in the HR technology space.

HR software and the accountability for outcomes has evolved rapidly with advances in technology. The requirements of today’s workforce demand a new level of education for HR professionals. At a time when the human capital management practice has largely migrated to HCM and HRIS point solutions, is pursuing an HRIS certification a good career move for HR pros?

recent survey by SHRM found that professional certifications are regarded as the best opportunity for HR professionals continuing their education. Certifications are considered a highly valued and quality-based credentials by all HR professionals. Additionally, professional certifications were the only type of credentials that employers showed a high willingness to pay for and on which they also placed a high value.

Let’s look at a few educational opportunities that will help HR professionals in high-growth organizations navigate the complex maze of technology, analytics, and business growth.

HRIS Certifications:

General Certification:

The HRIP Certification Program: The International Association of Human Resources Information Management (IHRIM) has developed a comprehensive certification program in HRIS, called Human Resources Information Program (HRIP). The program equips participants with the knowledge of HRIS concepts, processes, best practices, and latest trends. The program also requires recertification, ensuring participants’ skills evolve with changes in technology. Participants are also required to take an exam at the end of the program, and the HRIP credential is valid for a period of three years, starting from the date the certification has been granted.

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